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Checkpointing in CUBA

Status report of the six-week FOKUS research internship at the Max Planck Institute Munich with Dr. Thomas Hahn. Main topic is the implementation of check-pointing, i.e. saving of current progress, for the CUBA library which offers different methods for multidimensional numerical integration. (2013, English)

Geometric Origin of Scaling in Large Traffic Networks

A discussion of the paper by Popović et al. which shows that the observed scaling exponents have a geometric origin. A simple model is studied both analytically and in simulations with agreeing results for the exponents. Originally prepared for the FOKUS research module: Complex Systems of Prof. H. Hinrichsen, Prof. W. Kinzel and Dr. J. Reichardt. (2013, English)

Symmetry of the Superconducting Gap

The first part is a quick reminder of the theory of superconductivity as mean-field solution. In the second part, the gap function is decomposed in basis functions with the symmetry of the lattice. Originally prepared for the Oberseminar: Symmetries in solid state physics with Prof. G. Sangiovanni. (2012, German)

Introduction to Quantum Computing

A rather basic introduction to quantum computing, originally prepared for the lecture Information Theory and Quantum Computing of Prof. H. Hinrichsen and Dr. J. Reichardt. (2012, English)


A talk about spin waves, also known as magnons, in the Heisenberg model, originally prepared for the lecture Quantum Mechanics III: Many-Body Physics of Prof. W. Hanke. (2012, German)

Nonlinear Oscillations

This presentation about nonlinear behaviour, especially in the Duffing oscillator, contains a video of a rather neat simulation where you can see chaotic behaviour. It has been created with Mathematica. The talk also comes with proceedings for the interested reader. Originally prepared for the Hauptseminar of PD W. Winter. (2011, German)


Numerical Calculations of Multi-Jet Cross Sections

My Master thesis at TP II: Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (University of Wuerzburg), supervised by Prof. Dr. T. Ohl, includes a new computational method to compute amplitudes with a virtual machine. Furthermore, methods for the efficient computation of multi-jet cross sections are reviewed, especially helicity Monte Carlo and QCD antenna phase space sampling. The corresponding talk is pending. (2014, English)

Decays of the Higgs boson

A Miniresearch Project about the various decays of the Higgs boson in the Standard model. Covered are all tree level processes as well as the one-loop calculation of the decay to two gluons. Finally, the branching ratios are shown and compared to the literature. (2012, English)

Landau levels in bilayer quantum spin Hall systems

My Bachelor thesis at TP IV: Mesoscopic Physics (University of Wuerzburg), supervised by Prof. Dr. B. Trauzettel and Dr. P. Michetti, provides a theoretical calculation of the expected experimental results when a strong magnetic field is applied to a double quantum well with interlayer voltage. It is shown that the existence of a crossing of n = 0 Landau levels leads to the same necessary condition for the interlayer voltage as the existing calculation of the topological invariant. For this work, there is also a talk available. (2012, English)