I have written some convenience packages which allow to straightforwardly use LaTeX with all its power. bcn_commands adds some functionality and shorthand notations which you can adopt or use as inspiration. For example, using \Al(, \Bl(, \Cl( and \Dl( seems way more intuitive than remembering the ordering of \bigl(, \Bigl(, \biggl( and \Biggl(. Installation instructions are in the header of the documents.

bcn koma

A wrapper package for my commonly used packages in KOMA-Script files. The environment Balign is defined here and not in bcn_commands since the defintion is different for Beamer presentations where numbering of equations is not really reasonable.

bcn beamer

Basically the same as bcn_koma adapted to the already loaded packages of Beamer. It allows to set the two colors of a talk via \fstcol and \sndcol and needs bcn_color. Furthermore, some Beamer specific commands are defined.

bcn color

Some color mixtures and codes which are viewable not only on screen but more importantly also tested on beamers.

bcn commands

The biggest bcn package adds some math operators that are astonishingly not part of amsmath. A math operator starting with a capital letter takes one argument and sets automatically appropriate braces. Shorthands for partial and total derivatives are given as well as proper spacing of the integration measure (\Int). Vector arrows are redefined to boldsymbols. bcn_commands provides a full quantum mechanics package with intuitive notation for bra, ket, braket and so on. Some simplifications for drawings are included as well as fermion propagators for the friends of high energy physics. Speaking of which, an automatic Feynmp call allows to produce Feynman graphs without further user intervention than calling pdflatex. Finally, there are a lot of short hand notations which help to minimize typing.

bcn letter

A ready-to-use template for writing german letters using KOMA scrlttr2 with a small workaround for the footer. Hereby, you can decide how much information you want to show the recipient and the layout adjusts to two or three column style. With the needed packages, it should look like this if you compile the example.

bcn beamer template

To get started with Beamer, you might find it handy to have a template instead of writing everything from scratch. Some features are used but certainly not all.


As a fellow nerd you might be interested in my github repository.